Midnight sun means that the sun don’t set under the horizon.

From may 28. to july 14 the midnight sun will shine in Lofoten.

This offers the opportunity to hike all night.

Here is the best tips for hiking in and to see the midnight sun:

1. Ryten.

Ryten is located on the northern side of Flakstadøya. This hike offers a good view to the north, where the sun will be shining. It also offers a great view to Kvalvika. Read more…

2. Hoven

Hoven is located on the northern side of Gimsøy. This hike is easy, and you will be able to se the midnight sun all the way to the top. Read more…

3. Delpsheia

Delpsheia is located on the northerns side of Austvågøy. Here you will be hiking in the midnight sun, all the way to the top. From Delpsheia you can also continue on the ridge going towards Matmora.

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