MOH: 367
Difficulty: 1 / 4
Duration: 1 hour one way

Tjeldbergtind is a great and easy walk which gives good views of the Vestfjord, Svolvaer and Kabelvåg. Follow E10 west from Svolær for about 2 km, and turn off at the Esso petrol station. The walk starts at the second driveway on the left. The road will quickly change surface from asphalt to gravel. Follow the road, which eventually passes a firing range. In the last turn before the radio mast at the large rock on the west side, the trail to the summit of the mountain starts. Follow the path up the hillside. When you get to the back of the mountain, you can choose to go to the southern or northern peak. The southern top provides good views of the west bay. The northern peak is somewhat higher and is somewhat steeper to get up to, but is also a great vantage point.

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